Sunday, October 8, 2017

International Hobbies Corporation HO Gauge Product Line

Part # Desription
602 Interlocking Tower
707 Endoline's Funeral Home
708 Store Front, Apartment Building
712 Old Time Gas Station
804 Colonial Church
805 County Court House
806 Herald Star Newspaper
810 Lulgi's Restraurant
3509 Service Station
3510 Freight Station
4100 Country Barn
4101 Rural Freight & Passenger Station
4102 Switch Tower
3500 Two Stall Engine House
3501 Railroad Yard Buildinga
3502 Mainline Station
3503 Factory w/Loading Silos
3504 Grocery Store & Auto Repair
3505 Freight Station w/Loading Platform
3506 Sand and Fuel Depot
3507 Ice Cream Polar & Boarding House
3508 General Store & Billard Parlor
4103 Locomotive Maintainses Building
4101  School House
4105 Country Church
4106 Two Suburban Houses

This is not an in exhaustive list of IHC’s HO gauge structures. The list, are those that were listed, on the side of the couple IHC kits that I own. Most of these kits were at one time available from IHC. They don’t seem to have a full line of products as they once had.

These are most of the kits parts companying IHC’s School House and Barn and were purchased for a kit-bash project.

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