Friday, October 13, 2017

Magical Books from the Duke of Roxburghe Library

"When an auction of the Dukes books was announced there were seven texts dealing with magic among his collection. Mr. Norrel and Arabella, Jonathan’s Strange’s wife were both interested. Norrel to add to his collection and Arabella meant to surprise her husband with a volume or two of magical texts. Mr. Norrel out-bid everyone to obtain all seven texts, one in which, he paid the princely sum of 2000 guineas.

Rosa et Fons was a mystical meditation upon magic by an unknown fourteenth century magician.

Thomas de Dundelle was a text describing the life of the Raven Kings first human servant, Thomas Dundelle.

The Book of Loveday Ingham was a day-to-day account of the fifteenth century magician of Cambridge.

The History of Seven: although the text was rather muddled and was written in English, Latin, and an unknown fairy language. The text told of the city in Faerie named Seven. The text was quite jumbled. The author would often leave off his narration of Seven and make numerous accusations against some person that had did him some harm.

The Parliament of Woman: was a sixteenth centaury allegorical account of the wisdom and magic that belongs particularity to woman.

Exerciatatio Magica Nobilissima:  was a seventeenth centaury attempt to describe all English magic.

Two last text were snapped by Norrel on the last day of the auction.

The Mirrorir of the Lyf of Ralph Stokesie:  was a volume that Mr. Norrel was totally ignorant about of its existence. This was the wonderful book that Norrel paid the 2000 guineas for. In addition, Norrel also purchased the Decameron."

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel, Suzanne Clarke

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