Monday, October 9, 2017

The Grossery Gang

Grossery Gang, Series 1

The Grossery Gang, brought to you by Moose Enterprises, brings you 150 Gag worthy rubber like miniatures. The figures stand approximately anywhere for a half to one inch tall. Each blind package contains one Grossery Gang figure, twelve regular collectible cards and two special cards that could be a puzzle piece, sticker, touch ‘n’ feel, heat ‘n’ reveal or a silver holographic card.

From left to right:

  • Stinky Snacks -Cruddy Chip-common
  • Barfroom Supplies-Grotty Soap-rare
  • Stinky Snacks-Oozy Muesli Bar-common
  • Awful Sauces-Snot ‘N’ Pepper-common


  1. Shopkins! I was about to Blog these . . . I'll hold-off for a few weeks, I'm doing a quick one on Crazy Bones later this week and they're all in the same box, with mini-deforms and Fungus Among Us!

    Brilliant poster!


  2. Although Shopkins and the Grossery Gang both portray the super market, they do so in quite unique ways.