Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Axis and Allies War at Sea Sequence of Play

The game is played in turns, player 1 and then player two. Here are the following phases:

  1. Initiative Phase
  2. Roll two die and add the result to your best Flagship bonus. The highest score gets the imitative and goes second. This is beneficial because after watching the other player make their move you know where they might be heading.
  3. Sea Movement Phase
  4. You can move ship and submarine the number of sectors equal to its speed.
  5. Air Mission Phase
  6. Place you aircraft squadrons in any sector on the map. Both players can move their aircraft into one sector each turn.
  7. Air Defense Phase
  8. If aircraft enter a sector where a ship resides, the ship may use its antiaircraft guns to attack the aircraft in that sector
  9. Air Attack Phase
  10. Use available Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), Bomb, Gunnery, or Torpedoes to make attacks on Ships and Submarines
  11. Surface Attack Phase
  12. Attack enemy ships and submarines using either ASW, Gunnery (each particular, when within range), Torpedo or all three.
  13. Submarine Attack Phase
  14. Attack enemy submarines with torpedo attacks.
  15. Air Return Phase
  16. Return you aircraft to land base or aircraft carrier.
  17. End of Turn
  18. Claim victory markers and check victory points.

Taken and adapted from the Axis and Allies Naval Miniatures Rulebook.

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