Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Suppliers of 1/87 Scale Horse Drawn Wagon Kits

Although Preiser does manufacturer horse drawn wagons, the wagons are of European prototypes and are prebuilt and are not buildable kits. Here is list of the available buildable horse drawn wagon kits of American prototypes that I am aware of. If you know of other sources please feel free to let us know of their existence.

Jordon Highway Miniatures
1/87 Scale Information

Jordon produces the following styrene kits. These kits’s usually consist of a spruce or two of some very fine machine injected parts, which can be very delicate, so be careful when removing them from the spruce. These models are finely detailed and run in the $5.00-9.00 range.

  • Farm Wagon - With 2-Horse Team & Driver
  • Buggy w/Horse & Driver
  • Buckboard – With 1-Horse & Barrel Load(2)
  • Horse-Drawn Hearse
  • Standard Delivery Wagon
  • Light Delivery Wagon
  • Brougham (Closed Coach)
  • 1912 Popcorn Wagon w/Team
  • Old West Stagecoach w/6 Horse Team
  • Beer Delivery Wagon w/Teamsters & 8-Horse Team

Musket Miniatures

Musket Miniatures offers a nice collection of wagon kits that are manufactured in white metal. Some wagons can be purchased with a horse, mule, or oxen teams. These kits usually come with a horse or horses (2), driver, and load. (Will be indicated in the list).These kite range in price from $5.00-28.00. Most can be purchased for under $10.00.

  • Covered wagon (horse team)
  • Covered wagon (mule team)
  • Covered wagon (oxen team)
  • Open wagon (horse team)
  • Open wagon (mule team)
  • Open wagon (oxen team)
  • Open wagon (horse team)
  • Open wagon (horse team)
  • Buckboard (1 horse, man, woman, and load)
  • Buckboard (2 horse team , man, woman, and load)
  • Farmers loading hay wagon (load and two figures)
  • Wagon loaded with hay bales
  • Settlers wagon (2 horse team, household supplies)
  • Dr. Shockley’s medicine wagon (with "snake oil" pitchman)
  • Delivery wagon with signs(2 horse team, driver)
  • Photography wagon (1 horse; Canvas-sided. With photographer, camera)
  • Wagon loaded with milk cans (2 horse team, 2 figures)
  • Brewery wagon(2 horse team, driver, 9 beer barrels)
  • Lumber wagon (2 horse team, driver, lumber load(resin))
  • Coal wagon (2 horse team, driver, coal load(resin), shovel)
  • Timber wagon (2 horse team, driver, timber load(resin))
  • Stagecoach - walking horses
  • Two Wheel Cart (1 horse)

Selley (A division of Bowser Products)

Bowser-Selley offers a few white metal wagon kits. These kits are in the $6.00 to 10.00 range.

  • Farm Wagon
  • Surrey with Horse
  • Surrey with no horse
  • Buggy with horse
  • Buggy with no horse

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