Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Tallman Smokehouse – A HO Gauge Building from Paper

I have wanted to build some type of structure out of paper for some time. Looking through my collection of plans I came across plans for the Tallman Smokehouse. Smoke houses were once common on most farms as they provided a way for the occupants to cure and store their meat products.

The Tallman Smokehouse is a two story structure, and as you can see, is built primarily from stone. Thomas and Hanna Tallman built this smokehouse in 1757 for their homestead in Moorsetown, New Jersey.

Looking through my collection of materials I noticed that I have a couple sheets of embossed paper stone sheets. I also have several different types of paper shingles. The elements, such as hardware and trim could be manufactured from paper. I will use card board for the sub walls and a few pieces of strip wood to give the structure some rigidity.

Materials for Construction.

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