Friday, December 6, 2013

Pirates of Mysterious Islands Situation Cards, Version 1

I have often thought how I could make Pirates of Mysterious Islands more challenging and came up with the idea of creating situation cards. There are, if you remember three unique actions, a move, shoot, and explore actions.

I created situation actions for explore, and move actions. There are thirteen actions each, for the explore and move actions. I will divide the cards up into red and black desks and tie each situation to numbered card. Ace through 10, the Jack card is 11, the Queen is 12, and so on

There good and bad situation cards for each action. Some situations require a roll of a die or point to the rules for certain game pieces. The cards will be read at the beginning of your turn for these actions and the situations implemented during that action.

Explore Action

  1. You meet the inhabitants of the island and they are die hard cannibals. You lose one crewmember. Burp!
  2. You search is in vain and you find no treasure on this island.
  3. You can dock and explore as a free action.
  4. The inhabitants of this island attack your ship and you are unable to explore for treasure on this turn. If you should decide to stay roll die on your next turn. If you roll a four or six you your crew triumphs over the inhabitants, you can now explore the island. If you roll anything else you lose a crewmember to the fighting, but you still can explore and pick-up treasure.
  5. There are several crewmembers that have come down with the scurvy; you must stay on this island for another turn in order to nurse your crew back to health.
  6. You have fine weather upon arrival, but a storm keeps you from departing until your second turn on this island.
  7. You and your crew have no problems. Explore as you would normally.
  8. You may choose as many treasure pieces as your ships capacity will allow you. (Turn over twice your ships capacity in gold pieces and choose the highest rated pieces).
  9. No impediments here
  10. This island has the necessary materials for repairs; you may repair one mast per turn on this island.
  11. Upon approaching the island you accidently run aground. Roll a die, if you roll a 3 your ship wrecked and you and your crew are marooned on this island. Anything other than a 3, you sustain some damage (remove a mast), but your ship is still operational.
  12. It takes you two full explore actions to discover treasure
  13. You can dock and explore as a free action.

Move Action

  1. You enter a fog bank. Follow the fog bank rules for your next action
  2. You crew mutinies-do a 180’ turn.
  3. You are driving into the wind you lose half your default movement
  4. You have favorable winds and seas add a Short to your default movement
  5. You encounter a strong storm you make no headway at all (do not make your basic movements)
  6. Lightning strikes and splinters one of your masts (remove a mast)
  7. Because of a storm you find that your drinking water has been contaminated. Travel back to the last island you visited and refill your water barrels.
  8. You encounter a sea monster, roll a die and follow the rules for this monster to see what the outcome is.
  9. One of your crew hooks a large sea creature while fishing, add a Long to your basic movement
  10. One of your crew hooks a large sea creature while fishing, the creature takes you back the way you came. Do a 180’.
  11. You are becalmed. You movement is reduced by half.
  12. The captain becomes delirious and has the ship going in circles. Turn your ship 180’.
  13. You have favorable winds and seas add a Short and a Long to your default movement.

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