Monday, December 9, 2013

The Big Bear Hunter

Imagine that you are out bear hunting and you have to make a pit stop to relieve yourself and just at the right moment the hunted comes out to see what all fuss is all about. I suppose you can reach for your gun, which is just out of reach, pray, or just hope the bear doesn’t care for the current state of affairs and vacates the premises.

Woodland Scenics manufacturers many fine products in N, HO, and O gauges, including figures, detail pieces, structures, and terrain and scenery supplies. I own quite a few of Woodland Scenics metal detail parts and structures.

The Bear Hunter is one such detail piece that helps the model railroader to complete a scene. Just add the three pieces to an empty turfed area on your layout. In the back ground, add a tree or two and let your visitors admire your “bear hunter” (“snicker, snicker, snicker, ahum!”).


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    1. I don't envy the hunter at this moment...Thank you for your comment, Michael!