Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Four More Sources of Maps of Middle Earth from Google Maps

Middle Earth on Google Maps

Google has collected four maps of Middle Earth and this featuring these on their Google Maps Mania page. Maps Mania tracks websites, mashups, and tools being influenced by Google Maps. One of these maps has already been mentioned in an earlier post.

  1. The first Middle Earth Map mentioned is an interactive and includes a nifty little feature to change the map labels from English to Elvish.
  2. The next map the La Tierra Media is in Spanish and includes includes a sidebar with links to zoom and pan the map to locations in Middle-Earth on the map.
  3. The next map mentioned includes a handy sidebar with links to find locations on the map.
  4. The last map, like I previously mentioned, was already mentioned in an earlier post. This map is highly interactive map that allows you interface with many of the occupants and locations in Middle Earth.

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