Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pirates at Oceans Edge-Flotilla #1

This is my set of Pirates on Oceans Edge ships. I received two to more sets of these special edition offerings and will be making additional posts on these game pieces.

Name of Ship: HMS Hermes
Nation: England
Point Cost: 11
Masts:  2
Cargo Capacity: 3
Basic Movement: L + S
Cannon: S3 and S3
Keyword/ Abilities:         Catamaran: This ship ignores terrain pieces like Fog Banks, Reefs, Sargasso Sea, and Whirlpools.

This ship has a second second smaller hull. When hit, the controller rolls a die; on a roll of 5 or six, the roll reverses the hit. However, if hit, the catamaran will lose its smaller hull before it loses its masts.

The catamaran cannot be pinned or boarded as long as she has her second hull. Catamarans cannot be rammed.

Name of Ship: Salte El Tiburon
Nation: Spain    
Point Cost: 12
Masts:  4
Cargo Capacity: 3
Basic Movement: S
Cannon: S3, L3, L3, and a S3
Keyword/ Abilities:         Schooner: Crew of any nationality may use their abilities on this ship. A Schooner can rotate her stern in any direction after she completes a move action.

Name of Ship: Black Mongoose
Nation: Pirates
Point Cost: 10
Masts:  3
Cargo Capacity: 3
Basic Movement: S + S
Cannon: L3, L3, and L3
Keyword/ Abilities:         This ship gets a +1 added to her cannon rolls when firing on an English ships.

Name of Ship: USS Atlanta       
Nation: America
Point Cost: 11
Masts:  3
Cargo Capacity: 4
Basic Movement: L
Cannon: S2, L3, and L4
Keyword/ Abilities:         When touching a Pirate ship, this ship may load as much that ship’s treasure as she can carry.

Name of Ship: Maxehebel
Nation: Cursed 
Point Cost: 15
Masts:  4
Cargo Capacity: 0
Basic Movement: L
Cannon: L2, S2, S2, S3
Keyword/ Abilities:         Sea Monster: After this sea monster resolves a shoot action it may move as a free action.

The sea monsters segments take the place of masts. These masts will be removed on successful hits.

A sea monster movement it measured from the white dot on its base or from its base nearest the tentacles.

Words in bold are the ships keywords.

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