Friday, March 14, 2014

New Terrain Pieces Offered in Pirates at Oceans Edge

Whirlpools have been added to the list of terrain pieces available in Whizkids pirate’s game. When any part of a ship or sea monster touches a whirlpool, you must roll one die. If you roll 4-6, you may choose to eliminate one of the following: a mast (or segment), a treasure piece, or one crew member from your ship. The treasure and or crew member are to be removed from the game.

The trouble with these terrain pieces is that since there is a repercussion when landing on the terrain pieces why would you steer toward one. There must be a way to effectively make use of these terrain pieces. One idea that I have thought of is use situation cards that would require the card holder to turn their ship five or ten degrees to the left or right. If a terrain piece is within their altered path the ship would have to run into it.

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