Monday, March 17, 2014

Pirates at Oceans Edge-Flotilla #2

You might notice one duplicate here, that is one Black Mongoose, a pirate ship. It seems these ships become more beautiful and fabulous with each release. I have one more set to photo and record and that will probably be it with the purchase of these pirates’ ships. I do have so much work to do in accumulating and formulating a descent set of rules for these ships.

Name of Ship:

Ghost Walker

Nation: America
Point Cost: 15
Masts:  3
Cargo Capacity: 4
Basic Movement: L
Cannon: L2, L2, and a L2
Keyword/ Abilities:         Windcatcher. Once per turn one crew or ship with a S of this ship cannot use its ability that turn.

Name of Ship:

Black Mongoose

Nation: Pirates  
Point Cost: 10
Masts:  3
Cargo Capacity: 3
Basic Movement: S + S
Cannon: L3, L3,and a L3
Keyword/ Abilities:         This ship gets a 1+ to her cannon rolls against English ships.

Name of Ship: HMS Concorde
Nation: England
Point Cost: 14
Masts:  3
Cargo Capacity: 3
Basic Movement: S + S
Cannon: L3, L2, and L3
Keyword/ Abilities:         After this ships resolves a shoot action, she may move as a free action.

Name of Ship: La Serpiente
Nation: Spain
Point Cost: 9
Masts:  2
Cargo Capacity: 2
Basic Movement: L
Cannon: S2, and a S2
Keyword/ Abilities:         This ship gets a +1 to her boarding rolls. She also gets a +2 if he opponent is a sea monster.

Name of Ship: Maxman Brigitte
Nation: Cursed 
Point Cost: 12
Masts:  4
Cargo Capacity: 5
Basic Movement: S
Cannon: S5, S4, S4, and a S5
Keyword/ Abilities:         Once per turn if this ship is touching another ship, it must reveal all face down treausre. This ship may take as much unique treasure from that ship as she can carry.

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