Monday, November 17, 2014

Details of my Hoards O’ Bits Order

I have received my last shipment of miniatures for this year. All of the miniatures are wonderful and I look forward to working on them. They will all will receive a base coat of either grey or black and await their turn for further detailing.

Orc Arachnarok Spider- Trees
3 parts, some assembly required. Finely detailed.
Dreadfleet Graveyard Leech Wyrm
Small, but highly detailed sea monster.
Reaper Dark Heaven- Legends, Leprechaun and Owl
Nice 25mm miniature from Reaper Miniatures. This is my first “Rider” miniature. I need to revisit the Owls that were featured in my readings.
Island Of Blood
Skaven Poisoned Wind- Mortar
6 parts and assembly is required.
Dreadfleet Grand Alliance & Dreadfleet Cogs ships
Very small, but a lot of detail here. These miniatures should be fun to detail.
Reaper Bits Aquatic Familiars, Walking Fish
I never opened one of the aquatic familiar packs from Reaper and it seems that I already own one of these miniatures. Well at least one of them will get some paint.

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