Monday, November 10, 2014

My Last Order of Miniatures for 2014

This is my last order of miniatures for this year. Hoard O'Bits has received a second order from me and will probably receive at least another order sometime next year. Although Hoard O' Bits specializes in surplus Warhammer bits they also have a large collection of bits and miniatures from other manufacturers. This order, with what I already have on hand, should take me through the winter and possibly through part of spring.

Warhammer Bin Bits Orc Arachnarok Spider - Trees
Warhammer Bin Bits Island Of Blood - Skaven Poisoned Wind Mortar
Warhammer Dreadfleet Bin Bits - Graveyard - Leech Wyrm
Warhammer Dreadfleet Bin Bits - Grand Alliance & Dreadfleet Cogs
Warhammer Dreadfleet Bin Bits - Dice
Leprechaun and Owl - Reaper Dark Heaven Legends
Walking Fish - Reaper Bits Aquatic Familiars

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