Saturday, November 1, 2014

Projects for November

Last month, I seem to have gotten side-tracked with more than a few Print and Play games. I have been busy cutting out game boards and counters. I have eleven Print and Play games that are ready for play. I have few more that I would like to prepare, one of those is listed as a project this month. I did complete two of my projects from last month. My other miniature from last month only needs finishing touches. Here is my list for this month.
  1. Give the one mini (old gentleman) from last month its finishing touches
  2. Paint baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Angel from Ykreol Nativity set
  3. Paint two dead trees from Imex 1/72 Alamo Accessories Set
  4. Cut and paste counters fronts & backs, for The Battle of Lobositz game

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