Sunday, March 1, 2015

Projects for March

The beginning of March means we are closer to spring and warmer weather. Although I got some of my older projects out of the way I didn’t get as far as I wanted on my new projects last month, so I have added them to my March list.

  1. Warhammer Orc Arachnarok Spider – Trees
    These castings were a lot more detailed than I first had thought and it will take some time to pick out all these small details.
  2. Bombshell Miniatures Belphegor Winged Monkey(almost finished)

Old Projects

In attempt to clear my workbench of half-finished projects, and for something different, I have added two old HO gauge projects to this month’s project list.

Ratio HO-Gauge Trackside Buildings
507         Grounded Van Body
524         Weighbridge and Hut

Completed Projects

Reaper Miniatures
#03608: Aquatic Familiars II
Sea Monster (Aberration)
Octopus (Aberration)

Warhammer Dreadfleet
Graveyard - Leech Wyrm

Bombshell Miniatures
Pumpkin Buddy

Ristuls Market Halloween Basing Kit (10 resin miniatures)

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  1. Pictures ??
    you have a lot of projects, but it's often like that with the Hobby !