Monday, March 2, 2015

Bombshell Miniatures Pumpkin Pal and its Attributes

The Pumpkin Mutant is a 20mm miniature from Bombshell Miniatures. It is part of their Side Kick Collection. This miniature was on my January Projects list.

The Pumpkin Pal does not get a move action, but can grab a hold of you with its creeper vines if a player is within one space of the Pumpkin Pal.

The controller of this creature gets to roll a die. If they roll a 3 they have gotten a hold of a victim. They usually get one unawares; the person believes that they have just brushed against something out in the field. Before too long they feel the vine wrapping itself around their arm, ankle, or worse their neck.

When you start to feel the vine constricting around your bodily member it may already be too late to break free, but on roll of a 3 the player was able to tear themselves away from this insidious creature. This creature kills by constricting, asphyxiation or by the pure horror of it all. What do expect when wandering through a haunted pumpkin patch anyway?

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