Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring 2015 Reading List

Spring is about a week away and I am finishing up my readings of two novels. My winters reading list was supplanted by the works of H.P. Lovercraft, W.H. Hodgson, G. Gissing, E. Nesbit, and J. Verne and what a fabulous romp it has been.

My spring 2015 reading list is as follows:

1.       Forward March, Kirk Munroe
2.       Catriona, Robert Louis Stevenson
4.       The Black Arrow, Robert Louis Stevenson
5.       Moonfleet, John Meade Falkner
6.       The Man who Knew Too Much, Gilbert Keith Chesterton
7.       The Battle of Dorking, Chesney, G. Tomkyns
8.       Zero History, William Gibson

I have included two military themed novels, one of those, The Battle of Dorking was on my winters reading list. There are a couple of adventure novels, and who knows what else?

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