Monday, March 9, 2015

Small Projects # 2

I am always looking for something to do, especially a project where I can get instant gratification. So many of the projects I start seem to languish on my workbench. Seeing all the half-finished projects and my cluttered workbench torments me greatly; thus the “small” projects. With these projects I can see something to completion and I am encouraged to complete other projects.

Baggage Trolley

 This spruce included several HO scale components, but I am interested in the baggage trolley for now. I don’t remember what kit this spruce came from and so there are no instructions as to how proceed, but I believe I have figured out how to proceed.


This spruce of three bicycles scaled in 1/87 also came out of my details bin. These bicycles are not for the foreground, but painted and set aside some building, tree, or fence will work out somewhere at the mid-range of my layout.


This small kit will look great on a farm or industrial scene. I have had this kit for long time and don’t remember whether it came with instructions or not. After a few minutes of dry fitting I figured how to proceed.

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