Friday, June 2, 2017

A Slave-drivers Song

Mariel of Redwall is the forth in Brian Jacques’s Redwall series. Although I do have the next in the series on the stack, I may not visit this series again for a while. The series tells of the exploits of the woodland characters of the Redwall Abby. The series has provided many ideas and fodder for future fantasy war-games.

‘Up an’ one down an’ two,
Bend yer backs an’ curse yer birth.
Up an’ one down an’ two,
Pull those ours fer all your worth!’

“The grating voice of the slave-driver echoed across the benches. As he strode up and down he flicked his cruel whip.”

‘Up an’ one down an’ two,
Some have backs without hide,
Up an’ one down an’ two,
Those who couldn’t row have died.
Up an’ one down an’ two,
Here is a gift from me to you!’

Down came tip of the slave-drivers whip on the back of poor oar-slave.

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