Saturday, June 17, 2017

HO Scale Barn by IHC

Here is another scale model from International Hobbies Company. Although IHC is out of Philadelphia this model was manufactured in Germany. Judging from what IHC offers on their current website a lot of IHC structures are no longer available from IHC. Some of the dies for these models seem to have gone to other companies like Life Like. Or is it the other way around and they still being offered by other manufactures?

Mfg. No Description
602 Interlocking Tower
804 Colonial Church
707 Endoline's Funeral Home
805 County Court House
708 Store Front Apt. Building
806 Herald Star Newspaper
712 Old Time Gas Station
810 Luigi's Restaurant

This model kit is cast from polystyrene and as you can see it even has wood grain molded into the casting. I believe I still have a few more of IHC structures packed away that need to see the light of day and the flash of a camera.

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