Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Another Alien Race Discovered by Simon Wagstaff

Simon Wagstaff, the protagonist of Farmers Venus on the Half-Shell, at the start of his 3000 year odyssey discovers another alien race.

“The grass was about two feet high, violet-colored and topped with yellow flowers with five petals. Moving through and above these were about forty creatures which were about thirty feet high. Their skins or shell, he wasn’t sure which they were-were pink. They moved on hundreds of very short legs ending in broad round feet. Halfway up their bodies were eyes, two on each side; eight in all. These were HUGH and round and a light blue, and the lids had long curling eyelashes. At the top of each pyramid-shaped body was a pink ball with a large opening on two opposing sides.”

Venus on the Half-Shell, Philip Jose Farmer

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