Monday, June 19, 2017

The Bird of Igziyabher

"The Bird of Igziyabher, or in English, God, was like no other bird, although the other birds had also been created by Igziyabher. The Bird was especially created, long after the world was created. It watched over the world and especially over Ras for Igziyabher. Indeed, it contained in its belly an angel, or so Ras was told.

It was larger than fifty fish-eagles put together and its body was shaped something like a deformed fish. Part of the body reflected the sun-shine; the rays bounced of it. Its legs were rigid, hanging below the belly and held out a little too both sides. Its claws were very strange; they were round and never opened.

Its wings were attached to a bone that projected above the Bird, and the wings went around and around so fast with a chop-chop-chop, that Ras could see them only as a blur."

Lord Tyger, Philip Jose

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