Friday, June 23, 2017

P. J. Farmers Elixir

Philip Jose Farmer has few threads that run through a lot of his literature one of which is his mention of an elixir. My first encounter with the “elixir “was from his “The Other Log of Phileas Fogg”, my second…I will have to research that one. My last encounter was in my latest reading of Farmer-his Venus on the Half Shell. Here is the first mention of the elixir from that text:

“Simon got over some of his indignation when the woman explained that the average life span of a Shaltoonian was ten thousand years. This was due to an elixir invented some two hundred thousand years before. The Shaltoonian’s weren’t much for mechanics or engineering or physics, but they were great botanists. The elixir had been made from juices of several different plants. A by-product of this elixir was that a Shaltoonian seldom got sick.”

Venus on the Half Shell, Philip Jose Farmer

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