Saturday, September 21, 2013

6 Rustic Rusty Rail Figures

Rusty Rails is a purveyor of fine resin castings that are cast in HO and O gauges. Rusty Rail features three different sets of HO gauge figures. The figures come in a set of six and depict mostly men in various occupations. In addition, there are also two elegant ladies in the mix. There are workers, shop keepers, and what look like either loafers or those who waiting for some form of transportation.

Depicted below are the castings in various stages of completion. Rusty Rails set #RRFS-H-01.

The figures with a coat of grey primer: notice the void on the bottom of the newspaper. The resin castings needed to be filled in with putty in a couple of areas.

The figures in process of being painted.


  1. interesting !
    those figures look nice, I'm waiting to see them painted!

  2. Sam

    I am waiting to see them painted also. I am easily side-tracked and have more on my work bench than I know what to do with...


    1. I've some much projects and stuff on my desk and so little time to paint .... I understand!