Friday, September 20, 2013

Barcelona Universal Models (BUM)

Barcelona Universal Models is a Spanish company that produces many different 1/72 scale kits. Although it seems as though they hard to find for sale I am enthralled by many of their model kit offerings.

Since I am in the middle of “Under the Ensign of the Rising Sun A Story of the Russo-Japanese War” by Harry Collingwood I was drawn to BUM’s Japanese Army 1890 – 1930 figures. My interest was also aroused by the mention their line of western structures. In order to complete a scene I am always searching for terrain pieces for my miniatures.

While performing some additional research I also found a submarine and a Italian light tank that looked irresistible. Many of these kits contain figures, vehicles, and terrain pieces.

Although the models may be hard to find for sale they look like they may be worth the search.


  1. I didn't see this post !
    I've bought several sets of this "E.T." manufacturers! The old ones are only bad copies of AIRFIX figures + awful and underscale buildings! I've a Drakkar which is too bad (maybe a little small...).
    The last sets are better (I've done several revues on my blog and even paint some => look at the label BUM ) If you want to have details of many of their sets, you can also see them on Plastic Soldier Review.
    They are very expensive and not easy to find, I think that the "best" retailer is * jordirubio *
    who sells about 70 references.
    Sometimes, you can find boxes on e-bay.(research "BUM").
    Sometimes, sets are not referenced on PSR, but I don't know why.
    Like my interest is mainly "old West", I can't say anything about their other periods brands.
    A "+" for this manufacturer: he cover some historical periods which are not common in our hobby.
    A "-" is for the bad mould and the breakable plastic that they use for making some figures and/or parts of their sets.

  2. Sam

    Thanks for the information here and also in your reviews, which I have to take a look at.. I have read other posts from others that mention the questionable quality of some of the castings.

    Historically, however, there are many models here that you do not often see on other channels.

  3. Agree with you for the unusual subjects of their production!
    They just need some more serious and cheapest sets to be a good manufacturer !