Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pirates of Mysterious Islands-Unique Crew Types

Each pack comes with at least one or two crew tokens. All crew members add special abilities to the ship they are on. Although I received three crew members I will only be reporting on the on the two unique crew members I received.

Firepot Specialist, 2 points, Pirate

Once per turn this ship may shoot a firepot at a target within one Short of her. A Short is a default movement measurement, like the Long used in the Pirates game. (A Short is about 2.5 inches.) Along with the crew member there are two firepots included on this card. If the firepot hits, according to a die roll of six, the ships mast becomes a fire mast. At the beginning of every turn, thereafter, the affected ships owner must roll a die. On the die roll of a six, the fire mast may be removed, however on a roll of a 1-3, another mast becomes a fire mast. When all masts are fire masts, the ship must be scuttled. If the ship with a fire mast(s) docks on her home island or a fort, she may remove all fire masts as a free move.

Nikos Chelios, 5 points, Ex-patriot

This card is linked to “Fathom”. When a crew member is linked to another crew member, and if the crew members are serving on the same ship, the special abilities they bring are increased in some matter. Once per turn this ship may randomly take two treasure pieces from any ship she touches. “Using Nemo’s technology, Nikos is out to prove that the true masters of the sea are not those who sail on top of it, but those who move below it.”

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