Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Brief Survey of Victorian Science Fiction

A Brief Survey of Victorian Science Fiction, a September 10th, 2009 post by the Wonder Mark blog featured a list of Victorian and Edwardian science-fiction stories. The list was compiled after a panel discussion on the said topic. Where the list deviated from the strict sense of the topic, the titles were added for the purpose of comparison.

Authors like Verne, Wells, and Burroughs were left out, not because their literature did not fall into this category, but because readers are usually aware of these authors and their work. The texts mentioned within the list are those that many readers may not have been aware of. Out of the list of four dozen or so I had only heard of or read ten of these texts.

Many of the texts can be read online or downloaded as epubs. Although I haven’t looked into their availability many of these titles, they may also be available as audio books.

The list will make for some enjoyable reading over the winter…

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