Friday, October 11, 2013

My Mysterious Islands Fleet

Le Vercingetorix

The Le Vercingetorix is my first French flagged and steel hulled vessel. She may be small, but she is fast and nimble and aptly suited as a blockade runner.

USS Bellevue

The USS Bellevue is my first and only US flagged ship. The USS Bellevue is also my first Schooner. Besides being fast the schooner has a couple abilities that make it a ship worth having in your fleet:

  • Once per turn, the owner of this vessel may re-roll any die roll you make for this ship
  • As a free action, this ship can rotate her stern in any direction after any move action

Xiamens Claws

Xiamens Claws is a Pirate ship, one of many, it seems. The Xiamens Claws is my first four masted ship. With three separate decks she was a pleasure to assemble. The Xiamens Claws captain keeps a pet tiger in his cabin. All negotiations take place here. The Xiamens Claws has one special ability:

The Xiamens Claws gets a +1 her her boarding rolls and a +2 if her opponent is a submarine.


  1. I like your ships ! they are so nice ! I've no idea of their real sizes: could you post a picture with something to show it ?

  2. Sam

    Sure, I will try to get to that over the weekend.