Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Pirates of Mysterious Islands Fleet

The following ships are part of my Pirates of Mysterious Islands fleet. I don’t see myself using these ships exclusively for the Pirates of Mysterious Islands game, but will add them my existing fleet of ships. The rules for this edition of Whizkids pirates’ game will append the game rules for the previous edition, making the game more interesting and challenging.

Le Vercingetorix, France, 8 points
Masts: 2
Treasure Capacity: 3
Basic move: Long
Cannon Range: Long, for a hit must roll higher than a 3

The Le Vercingetorix is named after an ancient Gaul chieftain. Her hull is steel-riveted, making her one of newer ships of the French fleet.

Ramming cannot eliminate this ship’s masts.

Xiamens Claws, Pirate, 13 points
Masts: 4
Treasure Capacity: 4
Basic move: Short + Short
Cannon Range: Short, for a hit, depending on the placement of the cannon, you will have to roll a 3 or better.

The Xiamens Claws gets a -1 to her boarding rolls. She gets a -2, if her opponent is a submarine.

El Tejon, Pirate, 7 points
Masts: 2
Treasure Capacity: 2
Basic move: Long
Cannon Range: Short, for a hit you must roll a 3 or better.

You may double the range of this ship’s cannon each turn, but you must roll a 6 to hit. Count equals two broken ships because of brittle tabs. I broke the tabs on both sails, their being especially brittle, while attempting to insert them into the ship assembly; it is a shame-this ships special ability might have proven to be beneficial.

This Ship is linked to Benito De Soto.

USS Bellevue, United States, 12 points
Masts: 3
Treasure Capacity: 4
Basic move: Long
Cannon Range: Depending on the cannon, your range will be either a Short or a Long. You must roll a 4 or better for a hit.

The USS Bellevue is a Schooner. Once per turn you may reroll any die roll you roll for this ship. You must use the second die roll result.

This ship is linked to Kodiak.


  1. Hey,

    I read in the Internet, that you miss much of the fun if you do not have the full rules. Is there something like a rulebook for this game or are the full rules the rules page from the latest expansion of pirates?

    Thanks for your answer.

    1. Complete Rules

      Hello. Thanks for visiting my blog. As you probably realize each packet includes a sheet of the basic rules. The packet also includes a sheet for expanded rules. Each variation has its own set of additions that append the previous set of expanded rules. I don’t know a site where one can find a complete set of rules that encompasses every variation of this game. I started compiling my own list, but my “real life” got in the way.

      I have written some about various home rule and alternative scenarios that could be used to make the game a bit more interesting and challenging.

      See these posts:

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