Monday, October 28, 2013

Special Purpose Keywords for Pirates of Mysterious Islands and Davy Jones Curse

Since Pirates of Mysterious Islands and Pirates of Davy Jones Curse include some new characters, special purpose islands, and ships the following terms and topics have been added to the general rules, which were posted in a post a few days ago. These terms represent special abilities that were added to some of the said characters and ships.

These special abilities are printed on crewmember tokens, Ship desk cards, and on special islands. These keywords add to and take precedence over the basic rules.

Black Mark

The black mark indicates that the crew member belongs to the cursed nation, instead of the nation of their origin.

Broadside Attack

At the roll of a 6 this ship can reduce the distance of its gun to 0. Also if dice result is higher than each cannon, all cannon hit and the ships gets one extra hit


The Ex-patriot can be assigned to any ship. Any ship that this crew member is assigned becomes a Mercenary nation.


The ability limits, with the roll of dice roll of five, the crew abilities of a ship that is a SHORT away from your ship.


The ship with this keyword cannot pin or be pinned. If this ships rams it cannot eliminate a mast from the ship being rammed. As a free action, this ship can rotate her stern in any direction. Also, if this ship becomes derelict, this ship can move one SHORT.

Ghost Ship

If the ship or a crew member on that ship has this keyword, you must decide at the start of your turn whether the ship is ghostly. If the ship is ghostly, the ship gains the following abilities. She ignores islands and other ships when she is moving. The terminology is a bit vague; does that mean that the ship can go through island and other ships as if they are not there? A ghost ship cannot be rammed or pinned, or cannot dock.


This ships mast does not block her line of fire.


Not much said here about this ability, except that you can only have one ship in your fleet with this ability.


A marine is a crew type that can be dropped off on any island except on the opponent’s home island. On each turn this crewmember with a 2 SHORT gun rank can be given its own shoot action. Opposing players may target this crew member only if they are on an island, but must hit the marine twice in the same turn.


A mercenary ship cannot dock at any home island and begins the game one SHORT away from your home island.


If a crew member is transferred to an emery ship, the ransomed crew member is worth a treasure of 5 to the capturer. If eliminated by an opposing player it becomes a treasure worth 1 gold and appears on the player’s home island as a free action.

Sea Monster

A sea monster can take the form of sea serpents or a Kraken and is made up of segments. These segments come in different forms; they can be coils, tentacles, heads, and tails. The segments act like masts in the game.

At the start of the controller turn, they must decide whether the sea monster is a float or submerged. If submerged they cannot shoot or be shot at, however when not submerged they may take a shoot action.

Sea monsters cannot carry crewmembers, but can take treasure from a pinned ship. If it chooses to take a unique treasure that treasure is eliminated from the game. If the sea monster succeeds at a boarding party, it also eliminates one mast.

Once all the sea monsters segments are eliminated the sea monster is removed from the game.


A submarines hull is made-up of two or three pieces. These pieces act like masts. Submarines cannot be pin or be pinned, or tow or be towed. Submarines have the ability to either move on the surface or under the surface. The submarines player must decide at the start of their turn whether the sub in submerged or is running on the surface.

Submerged subs can only more and cannot shoot, be shot at or be rammed. A submerged sub can ram another ship while she is submerged, but regardless whether she is successful or not she must move a SHORT away from the targeted ship in any direction as a free action.

On the surface a sub can be rammed and boarded, but will not be damaged by the ram. If she is hit by a cannonade a piece of hull is removed. When all the hull pieces have been removed she becomes derelict.


As a free action this ship type can rotate her stern in any direction after she completes a move action. This action cannot be used after she rams another ship.

Turtle Ship

When ship is hit, one of her panels is removed. When all her panels have been removed, start removing her masts. This ship cannot be boarded if she has any turtle shell panels. If derelict, this ship gains a base move of a SHORT.

Note: The terms SHORT and LONG are basic movements used in this game. A SHORT is a width of a card, whereas a LONG is the length of a card.

Adapted from Whizkids complete game rules.

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