Thursday, October 24, 2013

Axis and Allies War at Sea-Flank Speed

I received my Axis and Allies naval miniatures booster pack in the mail not too long ago. The booster pack contains 5 randomly selected collectable miniatures. There are 64 miniatures, 33 Allies and 31 Axis, of these 1/1800 scale WWII pre-painted miniatures in all. They are meant to augment the miniatures that come with their two player starter sets like War at Sea.

In addition, to the five miniatures there are five statics cards, one for each miniature. Each stat card includes the name of the vessel or plane, and what flag it flies. There are also rarity, attack, defense, amour and basic movement figures.

The five figures that I received are:

  • HMS Saumarez, England
  • Milan, Vichy France
  • Pegaso, Italy
  • Nagato, Japan
  • JU88A-4, Germany

More information will follow about the above vessels and aircraft.

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