Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pirates of Davy Jones Curse-First Impressions

The Pirates of Davy Jones Curse strategy game was released by Whizkids in May of 2006, their seventh iteration of this pocket sized strategy game.

This iteration includes the following nations:

  • France
  • America
  • Barbary Crosier
  • Pirates
  • Cursed
  • England
  • Jade Rebellion
  • Spain

The Barbary Crosier, Cursed, and Jade Rebellion are new to me and I look forward to seeing how these new combatants fit into the scheme of things.

Pirates of Davy Jones Curse includes 141 different ships, crew, and special treasure pieces. Pirates of Davy Jones Curse also includes new terrain types, such as Fog banks, Reefs, and a Sargasso Sea, which include their own sets of attributes. Both of which will be reported on in an upcoming post.

The game will take on new aspects with these terrain pieces; however, unless I missed this in the rules, I don’t see how ship could end up on one of these terrain pieces. It seems that it is time to create a set of situation cards, one set for the Move action and the other for the Explore action. I could include situation cards that put a ship into or on one these terrain pieces.

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