Saturday, January 11, 2014

1/72 Zvezda British Machine Gun w/Crew

A screenshot of the original image was taken here.

The four figures and Vickers machine gun do not require any glue to assemble. I did not notice any flash on any of the components and the parting lines if they exist are minimal. The kit includes two spruces with the four figures, bases (2), and machine gun being divided between the two spruces.

The 1/72 scale is a rather a small scale and some of the pieces are very small and delicate. Care should be taken when removing these from their spruces. The detail of the figures is better than some I have seen and the poses are functional and realistic. Whether a machine gun crew would set-up without any cover is question that will have to addressed when deciding what details should be added to base.

1/72 Zvezda British Machine Gun w/Crew Spruce

I will be using the following two resources when deciding how I should detail the machine gun.

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