Thursday, January 9, 2014

Two Horse Drawn Wagons I Would like Build in 2014

The two horse drawn wagons are scaled at 1/72 and represent two unique periods of history. There is ancient Roman Nobelman's Chariot and a WWI Field Wagon.

The Roman Nobleman’s Chariot comes with a chariot, 2 horses and 2 figures. The two figures represent the nobles man and servant rider. The chariot is an elaborate affair, at least for that period. The manufacturer is Ykreol. This will be my second model that I will build from Ykreol, a French company. The model has been reviewed by the Plastic Soldier Review.

This is my first piece from this period. I am not all that interested in this period of history, but thought the model would be a nice addition to my collection of horse drawn wagons.

For supplemental miniatures Linear-B Roman Port set could be used to add to the scene. This set has 48 figures in twelve poses.

The WWI Field Wagon is a product of Hat Industries Figures. This kit includes three complete wagons, with two riders and two horses each.

WWI is one of my favorite periods. I like this eras mechanized and armored vehicles. These vehicle, still in their infancy, used some very singular designs.

Supplements for this set is a set of Airfix Models’ WWI German infantry. This would give me several soldiers walking carrying their guns. They would play the part as guards.


  1. Good choices Jan !
    I think that some other STRELETS/LINEAR-B figures could be good too for the Roman Chariot .

    1. I dd see LINEAR-B's Roman tavern set. Do they have other sets available?

  2. Roman Market: full of civilians of all sorts.(Linear-b)
    Imperial Roman Legion 1 (Strelets) maybe for the escort ?
    Some figures of Roman Transport (linear-b).... possible that I have some loose figures ...