Saturday, January 25, 2014

Classic Monopoly Game Refills

I haven't made a post on this topic for some time. However, after having played Monopoly a few times I have noticed that we have continually ran short of houses. Here is a source for refills for Monopoly money, tokens, houses, and hotels.


  1. Actually, the housing supply is supposed to be a design feature (I believe it is mentioned specifically in the rules). If you have a cheapish monopoly, it is quite often a good idea to refrain from building hotels, and just maintain 4 houses on each property. If others have houses too, it can render difficult for the owners of the expensive monopolies, especially the Greens, to develop them.

    Adding to the game's housing stocks in my view removes a vital feature of the game - one that offers a reasonable defence against the owners of the Blue monopolies (I know it as Mayfair and Park Lane [London] - I don't know the American version).

    1. Archduke Piccolo thanks for your comment on this topic.

      Yes, I do remember reading about the supply of houses in the rules as being a design feature. I do remember having more houses and hotels available in a Monopoly game while I was growing up. Could it be that we inherited a old game and combined the contents of both games?

      The misses and I play often and it is rare to be able to build more than three houses on more than a few properties. I am still up in the air about what to do about this? Purchase more houses or leave the game as it is?

      The blue high priced properties are Boardwalk and Park place in the American edition.