Thursday, January 2, 2014

HO Scale Figure Suppliers

Here is a short list of HO gauge figure suppliers.

Woodland Scenic’s

Supply HO gauge people and wildlife figures. Figures can be used for multiple eras from 1940’s up until the present.Woodland Scenic’s provides painted figures, but does offer a few figures that are unpainted. The figures are those that accompany some of their metal kits.

Fun & Games

Supplies HO gauge people and some wildlife figures. Figures can be used to depict people in rural areas from early twenties through early forties.Fun & Games figures are unpainted.

Musket Miniatures, Llc

Offers a large collection of scale people and wildlife. Figures could be used from eras from 1890’s through the early 1940’s. Musket Miniatures come unpainted.

Preiser Kg

Preiser supplies figures that are mostly modeled after modern counterparts, but does provide some period figures (1890’s, 1940’s military, and American Civil War). Also provide many wildlife figures, and horse drawn wagons of European origin. Preiser’s figures are painted very finely. These figures come in sets and are on the expensive side.

Rusty Rail

Rusty Rail offers three sets of figures that depict characters from 1880’s through 1940’s. These figures are unpainted and although they are cast in some unique poses they are not highly detailed.


Browser-Selly provides a few figure and wildlife sets. Selly figures could be used to depict figures from the twenties through the early fifties.

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