Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What’s New for 2014?

20mm Miniatures

Although I have had my eyes on these miniatures for some time, this size of miniatures is new to me. I thought these fantasy miniatures might be fun to paint and made use of in some war game or RPG.

I recently ordered the following from Splintered Light Miniatures: “Faithful Heroes 2” which includes five of the following figures an otter, a badger, a hare, and 2 mice. In addition I also ordered Splintered Light’s “Villager Personalities” which includes the following six figures: a rabbit gentleman and his muskrat lady housemaid, a crazy toad, a distinguished badger, rat and mole. I already have something in mind for the rabbit gentleman.

I will eventually have to order a set of their Rebels, which are the counterparts of their Faithful Heroes.

1/72 Scale Models and Dioramas

I made a brief post about some of the goodies I received as gifts (via gift certificates). I am planning on creating some dioramas this year and ordered several 1/72 scale kits for this purpose. I became inspired to do so by viewing the fabulous work of Sam Wise.

Pre-Dreadnought Battleships

WTJ Naval Store offers a large collection of Pre-dreadnought Battleships. I made a post on this topic last year. This era 1890, the era in which these battleships were introduced, has some significance to me, but as of yet I could not tell you exactly why I am being drawn to this era.

I was thinking about going with the 1/1800 scale, however this scale miniatures are quite on the expansive side, so I am contemplating on ordering a smaller scale.

WTJ does offer some free rules for era of ships, so I would like to order enough of these miniatures to allow me to play some type war game with these Pre-Dreadnought ships.


  1. Not sure my eyes could cope with 20mm, but there does seem to be no end of great miniatures out there in this scale. Best of luck.