Friday, January 31, 2014

20mm Goodness

These tweets are in reverse chronological order:

:: I hope to get to some painting this weekend and paint the fur on my Splintered Light otter.

:: I have been extraordinarily busy lately and I haven’t been able to get to my work bench all that much this week.

:: I am still not all that happy with the previously mentioned color combination; it seems a bit too light. I might try dry brushing the swords on the three miniatures and see how that works out.

:: I am not too happy with the results and I am going to try using equals parts of the silver and grey, but leave the speck of black out.

:: I have been experimenting with different color combinations for my miniature’s swords. One combination that I came up with is to use equals parts of silver and light grey and just a squirt of black to represent an iron sword. To gain some knowledge of shields I visited the Shields: Terminology and History site.

:: All five of my miniatures have received some paint. I like painting sets of miniatures, in that it gives you something to do while the paint dries on the current miniature.

:: The painting of the first set of 20mm Splintered Light Miniatures is under way, and their size has not been an issue, as long as I have my spectacles and there is plenty of light. However, I don’t see myself painting anything much smaller.

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