Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fire Breathing Dragons

Are dragons real or just stuff of legends? Well according to the experts legends all have a bit of truth in them, otherwise where did the legend originate in the first place? However, you know how stories go; they have a tendency to become more elaborate as they are passed along. Whether dragons breathed fire or not, I cannot say, but I do believe that dragons did exist.

The first documentary,” Dragons or Dinosaurs - Real Truth”, through the use historical evidence alludes to their existence. Dinosaurs might have been called dragons at one point in time. The second documentary dramatizes the discovery of an intact, of what is thought to be, a fire breathing dragon and her hatchling. The Last Dragon gives some insight into their possible daily habits and their eventual demise.

As far as dragon miniatures Reaper Miniatures has a nice collection of dragon miniatures. Are there any dragon lovers out there? Do you know of other sources for dragons? If you have watched the first video you can make mention of the traditional dragon as depicted by Reaper or the dinosaur, which might have been considered by the ancients as dragons.


  1. interesting fictions !!

    other sources for dragons ?
    I'm pretty sure that GW has released some and I'm completely sure that MITHRIL has done several dragons.
    I've 2 different dragons from this manufacturer but I didn't paint them !