Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Collection of Redwall Resources

Here a few random Redwall resources I recently found online. I already mentioned two of these in previous posts, but I thought it might be nice to mention them again in this list.

The OO Cities site offers among other things maps from the Redwal l series. It seems that each book offers a different map of the Redwall and its vicinity.

RPG Redwall offers information boards on many different aspects of Redwall and on how you can get started playing this online RPG.

Redwall Net offers links to forums, an extensive collection of recipes based on the series, a library where you can read descriptions and summaries of all of the Redwall books.

The Redwall Wiki offers information about all things Redwall, like characters, locations mentioned in the book and images of the characters as they were depicted in the animated series.

The Official Redwall site features the work of Brain Jacques the creator of Redwall. The site offers the visitor the chance to download e-pubs, read up on upcoming works by Brain, and purchase copies of the Redwall series that you might have missed.

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