Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Special Rules for Pirates of Mysterious Islands

I am still working on adding the new rules that each edition adds to this constructible pirate’s strategy game. Each game we play, we add few more of these rules into play. Recently we added the two mysterious islands from the two packs that contained these mysterious islands. The mysterious islands are indicated by the addition of two small yellow palm trees and you will find outcomes for your dice rolls on the back of these islands.

The outcomes for the two islands are, as follows:

Mysterious Island 1:

Roll a 1 or 2 you get to eliminate one mast from your ship. Isn’t that just quaint?
Roll a 3 or a 4 and you get no effect (How dreary!).
Roll 5 or 6 and you get to move an opposing ship its base move. I take it; you might want to turn the ship away from the island.

Mysterious Island 2:

Roll a 1 or 2 and on your next Move action you must roll a die. If you roll a 1 through a 5 you don’t move. Jolly ho!
Roll a 3 or a 4 and you get no effect (How dreary!).
Roll 5 or 6 and you get to write your own event. Now you are talking.

Perhaps you see why I haven’t used these mysterious islands. I don’t see the point and I wouldn’t shoot myself in the foot willingly, either, if you catch my meaning. Perhaps I can come up with some other ideas for these islands.

Perhaps I could add some monsters or some events to make it a bit more interesting…We will revisit this topic a bit later.

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  1. Never mind the mysterious islands. I don’t use them.