Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rockets and Rocket Men

This is a rather new topic. I had formally combined Sky Pirates with Rocket Men, but thought that I could provide better coverage if the two were separated. So now I have Sky Pirates and Rockets and Rocket Men as seperate labels.

I am planning on obtaining a few rocket men miniatures this year. Elhiem Figures has a set of 3- 1/72 rocket men that are armed with broom handle Mauser pistols and Drum magazines. Elhiem also has a retro rocket man with a ray gun.

Pulp Figures offers several sets of U.S. Rocket Corps in 28mm. The sets include five individual miniatures. However I am leaning toward the Elhiem Figures because they also have several other miniatures I need for the Mutants and Machine-Guns’ RPG and a miniature that I will use with my Pirates of Mysterious Islands game.


  1. I didn't know this manufacturer: thanks for the link !

    1. Sam

      I am glad I could be of service.