Sunday, February 9, 2014

Odds and Ends 3-Compass

This is another installment of Odds and Ends. This is where I mention several links on various topics. In this case they are all related to a compass.

Jack Sparrow's Compass

Jack Sparrow, the captain of the Black Pearl, compass never really seems to point at anything. “Although it appears to be useless (the needle never points north) Jack's compass has supernatural qualities thereby giving him a special edge.” The Disney Wiki gives us this information about Captain’s Jacks compass and more. His compass is one very singular compass, as it will point at whatever Jack wants.

Paper Craft Compass

A very fine replica of Captains Jacks compass made of paper can be downloaded from the Disney Experience site. The compass is a very fine looking model and measures High: 1.8, Wide: 3.5, and has a Depth of: 4.75".


Included in a set alternate rules (PDF) for the Pirates of Spanish Main game is a compass that can be printed, assembled, and used to monitor current wind speed and direction when working these factors into the game.

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