Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Redwall-Sela the Fox and the Double Cross

Cluny and his compatriots had tried to use a tree to get into the Abbey, but were discovered and thwarted. The board in which Cluny and his crew hoped to use to walk across to gain access the Abbey’s wall went crashing down and with it Cluny and many of his followers.

Although Cluny’s life was held in the balance; he was luckier than many of the others. He lay in his bed raked in pain. A creature with healing arts was sent for. Sela the fox arrived and administered healing herbs and said incantations over the battle worn rat.

The fox was promised treasure once the abbey was sacked, but she thought of playing a dangerous game and play on both sides. She intended on sending the folks of the abbey news of Cluny’s plans, for a price.

“I’ve sold hens their own eggs back and stolen the whiskers from farmyard dogs.”

Redwall, page 139