Friday, February 7, 2014

I Have Been Seduced

I have been planning on purchasing a set miniature’s from Elhiem Figures. I have wanted to obtain miniatures for Experimental Playground’s Mutants and Machine-Guns’ RPG. However, recently I was seduced and I have lost all sense of propriety.

While visiting a page from a fellow blogger I came in contact with Bombshell Miniatures and it was love at first sight. For one who is always looking for something unique I found more than a few pieces here that are calling out to be purchased.

I recently made a post on my having received my first order from Splintered Light. These miniatures are in 20mm. I mentioned that I would probably not try to paint anything smaller than 20mm, but now I find myself ready to order a few pieces that are smaller than 20mm. It is their uniqueness that has me throwing restraint to the wind.

More to follow…

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