Friday, February 7, 2014

Pirates at Ocean's Edge Mega Packs

Over the past few months I have order several Pirates game packs. All the packs come packed individually with two constructible ships, eight or nine gold pieces, two to three crew pieces, one island or terrain piece and instructions on how to build your ships and play the game. There are the simple rules and a set of expanded rules. The packs have been running me about $5.00 US per pack; that is with shipping.

Recently while browsing Amazon’s site I found Pirates at Ocean's Edge Mega Packs, which contain two packs of this rendition of Whizkids pirate’s game. That means double the ships, gold, island, ETC. The cost? That is $6.00 with shipping. Not a bad way to bulk up you collection of ships and add some new sea monsters.

I am looking forward to exploring this new edition of the Pirates game, with its new ships, terrain pieces, sea monsters, and embellishments to the rules.

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