Monday, January 26, 2015

3 Photo-Etched HO Scale Details

These goodies were recently found in an unopened box of model railroad miscellanea. All are waiting to be assembled, detailed and set out on my model train layout. I find working with brass quite rewarding.

They say that a scene is in its details. Here are three photo etched details that I acquired for my HO gauge model train layout:

Builders in Scale

These lobster traps are etched in brass and will take a few minutes to bend into shape. There are eight in a package and include eight lobsters.

Detail Associates

Detail Associates manufactures dozens of HO gauge detail parts, mostly for detailing HO train engines, but I did find this set of tools to be used in some scenes,

Gold Medal Models

The last image is of four shopping carts. These are from Gold Medal Models and are etched in aluminum. These will be great left in front of a grocery store or how about an old woman pushing one down the street with all her worldly belongings.

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