Saturday, January 10, 2015

What’s New for 2015-Resolution #5

1. Back at least one KickStarter project. I will be looking to sponsor one new game this year.
2. Go through my labels to find topics I might want to expound on, delete labels and or posts that have become stagnate.
 a. Some topics I would like to give more "air-time" to:
  i. Dungeon crawl
  ii. Monsters
  iii. Reaper familiars
  iv. Evil toys
3. Games, game rules, and miniatures
4. Scenery and Scenic Pieces
5. Spend more time on forums and my peers blogs
6. Learn more about the art of painting miniatures

I am a member of several forums, but rarely do I read the posts or comment on the posts of others. When I was frequenting these forums my posts to my blog at that time were more varied and rich. Some of the posts of my peers deserve to be trumpeted abroad while the information they provide will make me a more educated blogger.

1 comment:

  1. not easy to follow all the blogs! I'm like you, not comment a lot even if I look at the post !
    I will do better this year !