Thursday, January 1, 2015

What’s New for 2015

Happy New Year!

I wanted to take this time to thank all the thousands who have visited this blog last year and I especially want to thank those who left comments.

This is my first post for the New Year, oh boy! I usually have something in mind for the New Year, but rarely do a stick to my plans.  Looking back of over last year's goals I noticed that I only achieved one of my three of my recorded goals. However, I will endeavor to see my plans for this year come to fruition this year. Here we go:

1. Back at least one KickStarter project. I will be looking to sponsor one new game this year.
2. Go through my labels to find topics I might want to expound on, delete labels and or posts that have become stagnate. 
a. Some topics I would like to give more "air-time" to:
i. Dungeon crawl
ii. Monsters
iii. Reaper familiars
iv. Evil toys
3. Games, game rules, and miniatures
4. Scenery and Scenic Pieces
5. Spend more time on forums 
6. Learn more about the art of painting miniatures

I will be making additional posts to expound on these individual goals. In addition, I will be revisiting these goals at the end of the second quarter of this year to assess my progress.

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